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      Restaurant      European Hall

                                                 Banquet Hall Knaus
     Large capacity of the hall, then have the opportunity to hold an event (wedding, corporate, birthday or other holiday) with a large number of invitees. Restaurant copes with heavy loads and provides a great variety of dishes, comfortable location of the restaurant, ideal for those who do not want to go far from the city center;
own service provision and organization of events: your corporate, your wedding, business dinner or other celebration, of course, will be held at "excellent", if you order organization in the restaurant "Knaus"; flexible price policy: the banquet hall provides an opportunity to meet as a sufficient democratic budget and arrange a VIP-dinner with the author's kitchen and a show program;
convenient parking near the restaurant under the clock security: you will not worry about your car, even in the midst of a wedding or corporate party;
fast and convenient access to the restaurant;
a great place for dancing: in the banquet hall can be like a pep arrange a party with a disco and dancing to a classic evening. Team to organize events to help you arrange the room is ideally for weddings, corporate parties and other celebrations;
a separate lounge for smokers at the banquet hall.
exceptionally extensive restaurant menu that contains the most delicious dishes and drinks.
if necessary, a banquet hall and restaurant serving only your event.

Banquet hall is open until the completion of the event: you will not have to interrupt the corporate or wedding reception because it's too late.